Vlad-Andrei Erculescu

• Team Lead & Manager • Software Engineer • Scrum Master •

• Team Lead & Manager •
• Software Engineer • Scrum Master •

About Me

I've discovered early in my life that I had a knack for programming and I haven't stopped since. I have learned and grown a lot in the past decade, worked for small startups and large corporations alike and made a lot of lasting connections.

I have a heavy focus on people, providing support, mentorship, task clarity and long-term planning. It is my experience that if the team understands, agrees and owns the processes governing its work, things run smooth and predictably and that is what I am aiming to provide.

My Skills

During my career I have focused mainly on the back end side of things. PHP is the language I have most commercial experience with and it's main frameworks (Symfony & Laravel) the ones I have worked most with.

That being said, I have expertise on a broad range of topics and knowledge on multiple programming languages. Moreover, I have spent a lot of time reading and learning about management and have extensive experience in planning out features and the development load required.

PHP (9.5/10)
Architecture Design (9/10)
API Design (9/10)
RDBMS (8/10)
Agile/Management (8/10)
NoSQL/ES (7/10)
JS/NodeJS (6/10)
C#/Unity (6/10)
Java/Android (6/10)
Docker/Kubernetes (6/10)

My Experience

  • Hummingbird Technologies
    Feb 2019 - Nov 2020

    Platform Team Lead

    As a team lead my responsabilities shifted more into higher-level decision making and larger refactor planning whilst ocasionally still getting to do some hands-on development sometimes, either on something that needed my attention, required extra capacity to be delivered on time or as a pair-programming/mentoring exercise.

    Senior Software Engineer

    During my time with Hummingbird as a software engineer my focus was on understanding the at the time current monolithic software and the future needs and plans of the company. Besides focusing on what could be improved in the code layer and how I've also started to look at the processes the team was following regarding Agile (SCRUM) and came up with a new plan to align everyone's visibility into the work we were doing.

  • Vialma (former Muzikazoo)
    Jul 2017 - Feb 2019

    Senior Software Engineer

    My main focus during this job was restructuring the 3rd party framework the company had bought prior to my joining into a distributed micro service based architecture. Once that phase was completed the rest of my time before leaving the company was focused on adding more features required by the business such as: music transcoding (C#) and a new CRM/Payments system (PHP/NodeJS).

  • Paddle
    Sep 2016 - Jul 2017

    Senior Software Engineer

    A great vibrant place to work, Paddle is a company building a platform to sell software and manage these time consuming operations. Allowing developers, and software businesses to spend time doing what they love, building incredible products.